Droitwich Spa Brine Baths, located within the BMI Private Hospital, St Andrews Road, closed to the public in 2008. The private hospital has given Wychavon District Council £200,000 in compensation for closing 18 months before the end of their 25 year contract.
The historic brine baths, part of St Richards house, had been empty for  some 10 years when, in 1984, Wychavon Council leased land for 125 years, to a Health company to build themselves a hospital. This was to include a brine baths which would stay open to the public for at least 25 years.
Pam said “Wychavon District Council set up a task force to gather information which, hopefully, will lead to a new way of promoting our ‘Brine Heritage’ so that it may continue to play an important part in the future of the Spa”.
The task force met in Droitwich Spa and comprised of - a Councillor nominated by Droitwich Spa Town Council, a member of the Droitwich Area Partnership, a representative from ‘4 Droitwich Spa’ (who has himself given years of voluntary work on a wide range of Spa activities and events).
The only member not from Droitwich was the Executive board member who had been tasked to lead this group. He, incidentally, had served on the Droitwich Canals trust for several years. There were no ‘commercial groups’ or ‘other councillors from elsewhere’.
The remit of the task force was to assemble facts and identify opportunities, then report back to the Executive Board.
Pam went on to say that: “Long before firm decisions are taken, all the people of the Spa will have had the opportunity to voice their opinion on how our brine inheritance can best be promoted for the benefit of the whole community, at a cost which the rate payer can reasonably be expected to pay”.
This, like so many other projects, has been hit by the economic crisis. However the sale of the Raven Hotel and the Chateau Impney should see action in the near future. The £200,000 is still held by Wychavon District Council ‘ring fenced’ ready to be used when the opportunity arises.